Top 20 Tricks To Spot A Genuine Dymatize ISO100 Jar

Written by Vicky

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January 16, 2022

Step 1: Check The Importer Tag

Original Dymatize ISO100 Importer List

As per Dymatize’s Official Website, there are two authorized importers in India, i.e., Muscle House India and Pearl International.

Both of the above importers have included a secret scratch code that can be used to verify the product.

In this article, we will be discussing MHI (Muscle House India) Importer tag.

Original Dymatize ISO100 Importer Tag Scratch Code

Please note that the current MRP of the product has been updated to ₹13999.

Original Dymatize ISO100 Importer Tag Scratch Code Details

The silver scratch portion will have the official MHI Logo in a horizontal layout and the word “ORIGINAL” in a vertical layout.

If your jar has a tag with spelling mistakes and the wrong MRP, then it might be fake.

Always make sure that your jar includes the official importer tag.

Original Dymatize ISO100 Embossed Logo

Most Dymatize jars have an embossed Dymatize Logo at the top. This logo has smooth edges and can be easily felt with your hand.

If your jar has a printed or rough-edged logo, then it might be fake.

Please note that in some original jars, this logo might be absent or hidden under the importer tag.

In case it’s hidden, you can peel off the importer tag and check the logo.

Step 3: Check The Neck Band Seal

Original Dymatize ISO100 Neck Band Seal

The neck band seal has been added to ensure that the product you receive is unused and prevents dust and dirt from entering the jar.

This seal can be red, white, or sometimes blue in color.

It will have the official Dymatize Logo without the ® (registered trademark) symbol.

Original Dymatize ISO100 Neck Band Seal Watermark

Recent jars also include the phrase “Trusted for over 25 years,” as shown above. The background watermark will include the word Trusted along with the Dymatize logo.

If your jar has a loose or open seal, then it’s most likely fake.

Step 4: Check The Quality Of Jar

Original Dymatize ISO100 Jar Quality

Dymatize jars have a high-quality finish. The colored portion has a gloss finish which reflects light, and the white portion has a matte finish. You can use your fingers to feel the difference.

If your jar has a dull finish and a low-quality feel to it, then it’s most likely fake.

Step 5: Check Font Quality

Original Dymatize ISO100 Font Quality

A simple look at the fonts of the jar can easily help you identify a fake one.

In original Dymatize Jars, the word Dymatize is printed using a premium quality font where the letter “i” is quite distinct and unique.

Original Dymatize ISO100 Font Details

When you look at the word ISO100, you will notice that fonts of varying thicknesses have been used. “ISO” has more thickness as compared to “100”.

Also, the word Hydrolyzed has a large spacing amongst its alphabets which is clearly shown in the above image.

If these features are missing in your jar, then your jar is most likely fake.

Original Dymatize ISO100 Logo

The front Dymatize Logo will have a red color and a glossy texture. You can check the texture using your index finger. It will feel different from the white portion of the jar.

If your jar doesn’t have this feature, then it’s most likely fake.

Step 7: Check For Miniature Logos

Original Dymatize ISO100 Miniature Logos

If you take a closer look at the colored portion of the jar, you will notice Miniature Dymatize Logos.

If these logos are absent in your jar, then your jar is most likely fake.

Original Dymatize ISO100 Informed Choice Logo

All Dymatize products feature an Informed Choice Logo.

Informed choice is a 3rd Party Independent Lab where Dymatize products are tested randomly to ensure maximum quality standards.

If this logo is absent in your jar, then your jar is most likely fake.

Step 9: Check The Transparent Window

Original Dymatize ISO100 Transparent Window

All Dymatize ISO100 jars include a semi-transparent window that allows you to check the quantity of powder present in the jar.

If this window is absent or opaque, then your jar is most likely fake.

Step 10: Check For Copper Gold Strip

Original Dymatize ISO100 Copper Gold Strip

Recent batches of Dymatize ISO100 jars feature a copper-gold strip that contains the Dymatize Logo.

If in your jar, this strip is absent or the logo is missing on it, then your jar is most likely fake.

Step 11: Check For Spelling Mistakes

Take a close look at your jar and see if you can spot any spelling mistakes.

Original Dymatize ISO100 Spellings

In the word BCAAs, ‘s’ will always be small.

If your jar includes spelling mistakes, then it’s most likely fake.

Step 12: Check The Nutrition Info

Original Dymatize ISO100 Nutrition Info

Always check the nutrition info and compare it with the details present on the Official Website.

In case you spot any discrepancy, then you can contact Dymatize’s official support for clarification.

Step 13: Check Flavor and Servings

Original Dymatize ISO100 Servings

Make sure that your jar has the correct flavor and number of servings, as mentioned on the official website. Currently, ISO100 has 12 different flavors mentioned on the Official Website.

Kindly note that special edition flavors like Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles are listed on a separate page.

If your jar has an unlisted flavor, then it’s most likely fake.

Step 14: Check The Weight

Original Dymatize ISO100 Weight Details

Dymatize ISO100 is currently available in 3 sizes, i.e., 1.6lbs, 3lbs, and 5lbs in India.

The bottom portion of this area will have 3 lines of text, as shown above.

If your jar has the incorrect weight, then it’s most probably fake.

Step 15: Check The Address

Original Dymatize Manufacturing Address

As indicated above, your jar should contain the following official address:

Dymatize Enterprises, LLC

If your jar has an incorrect or Indian address, then it’s most likely fake. Please note that currently, Dymatize has not started manufacturing in India.

Step 16: Check For Trademark Symbol

Original Dymatize ISO100 Trademark Symbol

Dymatize is a registered trademark and will have the symbol ® attached to it in almost every place of the jar.

In case you can’t find the trademark symbol anywhere on your jar, then it’s most likely fake.

Step 17: Check The Bar Code

Original Dymatize ISO100 Bar Code

Using a simple bar code scanning app, you can verify the bar code present on the jar. After scanning, it should display ISO100.

In case you’re not getting accurate results, then try using a different app.

The bottom portion of the bar code area will contain a horizontal multi-colored strip, as shown in the above image.

If this bar code is missing from your jar, then your jar is most likely fake.

Step 18: Ignore The Anomalies

Original Dymatize ISO100 Printing Defects

Many people suspect their jar to be fake because of printing anomalies as shown in the above image.

Dymatize products usually have these minor printing defects.

The same can be seen on the following screenshot of a video from the Official Dymatize Youtube Channel:

Dymatize Robert Wildman

In the above screenshot, Dr. Robert Wildman who is the Chief Science Officer at Dymatize can be seen holding a jar that has a visible printing defect.

Step 19: Check The Bottom Crease

Original Dymatize ISO100 CBM Crease

Dymatize jars are manufactured in the USA using a plastic thermoforming process. These jars contain a mold mark in the form of a horizontal crease.

CBM is the official manufacturer of Dymatize Container Jars. Their official logo (warrior holding a spear and shield), contact details, and official website will be embossed at the bottom of the jar.

The bottom section will also include a digit “2” printed inside the recycle triangle which indicates the use of HDPE (High-density polyethylene). It’s the most environmentally stable plastic and can be recycled without giving off harmful fumes to the environment.

If these details are absent on your jar then your jar is most likely fake.

Step 20: Check The Expiry Info

Original Dymatize ISO100 Expiry Info

The bottom of the jar will contain plant, lot number, mfg (manufacturing), and expiry dates in MM/YY format printed with a black inkjet printer. The difference between manufacturing and expiry dates will be 2years.

These details can sometimes get rubbed off due to friction. Avoid purchasing jars that do not have a proper print.

Please note that the format of the print can change with time.



Please note that the above info is for external verification only.
Our article only covers US-made jars. EU jars will have different features.

The company changes its packaging from time to time. Importers can change as well.

In case of any discrepancies, please contact:

If you want us to check your jar for FREE, then please contact us.

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  1. Harsh

    I don’t have logo on the jar cap. What should I do ? Is it fake ?

    • Vicky

      Please note that in some original jars this logo might be absent or hidden under the importer tag.

  2. Shailendra Kumar

    There is no inner seal inside cap of Dymatize ISO 100 box. Is it fake?

    • Vicky

      We need to confirm this as we’ve received many reports.

  3. Shailendra Kumar

    What should I do now? How to check Genuity of the product in such case? Can you please guide

      • Lukas

        I have a Dymatize ISO100 1.3 lb. of cream cakes with a red band seal, shouldn’t it be blue?

        • Vicky

          Yes its ok to have a red band seal.

  4. Vilay sahu

    Can you attach a link where one can get a genuine product from?

    • Vicky

      May I know which city are you located in?

    • Maxime

      There is no importer tag and copper gold strip, I found it in Egypt is it fake ? ( the neck is white and it has the logo )


    HELLO , i bought today but once i reached home, i saw the Recent batches of Dymatize ISO100 jars feature a copper-gold strip that contains the Dymatize Logo is missing ?? even all my old iso 100 jar have the logo but this is not missing ..
    manufacturing 02/22 from muscles house
    is it fake ??

  6. Arthur

    There is no inner seal inside cap,also no logo repousse on top .
    Is possible fake?

    • Vicky

      The official importer in India had confirmed that the jar cap sometimes may not have the logo.

      Also, in my own experience the inner seal gets stuck in the cap during transit.

      They are not a sure shot indication of the jar being fake.

      So better to confirm with the brand before making any conclusion.

      You can contact Dymatize here:

  7. Caleb

    Hello, everything seems right with mine except it says “Manufactured For and Distributed By: PREMIER NUTRITION Emeryville, CA 94608 USA 888-334-5326” Instead of your example “Dymatize Enterprises LLC etc.” Could it be fake?

  8. Prashant

    Hello Vicky bhai, I would like to bring it to your notice that Dymatize ISO 100 collaboration flavours like Cocoa Pebbles & Fruity Pebbles have a different packaging from normal flavours. It has a different address on the box and doesn’t even have the horizontal multicolor strip in the bottom of the jar. Please review those flavours jar also.

    • Prashant

      Exactly, this is the changed address I was also concerned about. You must have purchased Cocoa Pebbles/ Fruity Pebbles/ Birthday Cake flavour. Dymatize have this address on their collaboration flavours

      • Vicky

        I shall update the thread soon.

  9. born

    here many distributor in row. that is easy to everyone who want to get protein near by city. that`s good for beginner.


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