About Us

We started our journey in 2017 under the banner of Claroxy Solutions. After a few years of operation, we discovered that buying genuine supplements was challenging. Customers were being taken for a ride by local shops and trainers who sold fake or grey market products.

Seeing a need to protect customers, we started our online D2C business. We wanted everyone to have easy and affordable access to genuine supplements. So we decided to tie-up with brand authorized importers and source directly from them. This allowed us to keep genuine supplements affordable for customers like you. Also, with our online-based business model, we were able to serve everyone regardless of their location. This ensured easy accessibility.

But despite all our efforts, we noticed that many buyers still faced difficulty making purchase decisions as they were unaware of product authenticity. Armed with past experience and research, we decided to launch our blog with a straightforward goal, i.e., to provide accurate information about genuine supplements in one place.

We strongly believe everyone deserves to avoid unpleasant surprises when buying online or from unknown vendors. So whether you’re looking to buy genuine supplements or learn more about them, we’ve got your back.