7 Easy Tricks To Spot A Fake Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Jar

Written by Vicky

Vicky is the founder of The Supplement Shack. He has been researching about the risks and side effects of fake supplements since 2017. Through his blog, he wants to make sure that everyone has access to safe and genuine supplements.

August 23, 2021

Step 1: Check Importer Tag

Dymatize Elite Whey Importer Tag

The first thing to do is to visit the brand’s official website to check the list of authorized importers.


Fake Dymatize Elite Whey jars usually do not contain any importer tag or will have the wrong importer tag.

As seen in the above link Dymatize Elite Whey is officially imported into India by ‘Muscle House India’ and ‘Pearl International.’

Both these importers have added scratch codes on their tags for verification purposes.
Avoid all jars that do not have the official importer tag.

Please note that the embossed Dymatize Logo on top of the cap has been removed in the new packaging.

Step 2: Check Neck Band Seal

Dymatize Elite Whey Neck Band Seal

Always make sure that the neck band seal is tightly fixed to your jar. This seal will have the Dymatize Logo in white ink.

Avoid jars that have loose or filmy seals which have been stuck with adhesives.

Step 3: Check Logos, Spellings & Flavor

Dymatize Elite Whey Trademark Symbols

Dymatize and Elite 100% Whey are registered trademarks and will have an ® symbol attached to them on the jar label.

If this symbol is missing from your jar, then your jar might be fake!

Dymatize Elite Whey Informed Choice Logo

Dymatize Jars are tested by Informed Choice labs on regular basis to ensure the best quality and maximum safety.

Their logo will be present on the front and the backside of the jar.

If this logo is missing, then your jar might be fake!

Dymatize Elite Whey Miniature Logos

The blue region on the jar label will have miniature Dymatize Logos printed on them. This region will also be glossy and will reflect light.

If your jar doesn’t have this feature, then it’s most likely fake!

Dymatize Elite Whey Label

Dymatize uses high-quality printing on its jars. Chances of spelling mistakes are extremely rare.

If you find any spelling mistakes on your jar, then it’s most likely fake!

Dymatize Elite Whey Flavors

Currently, Dymatize offers 11 different flavors in Elite Whey. Always check for the correctness of spellings on your jar.

Occasionally limited-edition flavors are introduced. For the current list of flavors please visit:

If you find an unknown flavor in your jar, then your jar might be fake!

Step 4: Check Bar Code and Address

Dymatize Elite Whey Bar Code

All original Dymatize Jars will have a bar code on them. You can scan this bar code using a mobile app.

Upon scanning, it should display the same product details. The address present on the jar should be a US Address since Dymatize is based in the USA.

If you find that the bar code is missing or your jar has an Indian address, then it’s most likely fake!

Step 5: Check Nutrition Info & Window

Dymatize Elite Whey Nutrition Info

It’s important to check the nutrition info and ingredients for any kind of mistakes. If you find any extra or missing ingredients in your jar, then it’s most likely fake.

Please note that the nutrition info may vary depending on the flavor. The formulation can also change from time to time.

Dymatize Elite Whey Transparent Window

All Dymatize Jars have a transparent window to check the level of powder in the jar.

If this is missing from your jar, then your product might be fake!

Step 6: Check Jar Base

Dymatize Elite Whey Jar Base

All Dymatize Jars are manufactured using a plastic thermoforming process. This results in a crease or mold mark at the base. If this mark is absent in your jar, then it might be fake.

Dymatize Jars are usually manufactured by CBM (Custom Blow Molding). Their logo, phone number, and website address (URL) will be present at the bottom of the jar. If these details are missing from your jar, then it’s most likely fake!

The base is semi-transparent and will have an HDPE Logo which stands for High-Density Poly Ethylene. If this logo is missing, then your jar might be fake!

Step 7: Check Lot No., Mfg & Expiry Dates

Dymatize Elite Whey Expiry and Lot Number

The Lot Number, Manufacturing, and Expiry Date will be printed at the bottom of the jar using a black inkjet printer.

The manufacturing and expiry dates will have a difference of 2yrs. If this info is printed with a different ink color or the shelf life is more than 2yrs, then your jar might be fake!



Please note that the above info is for external verification only.

The company changes its packaging from time to time. Importers can change as well.

In case of any discrepancies, please contact:

If you want us to check your jar for FREE, then please contact us.

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  1. Shubham

    Great job bro👍

    • Ikben Ghosh

      In my jar the difference between the mfg and exp dates is of 23months 08/2021 to 07/2023. Is this fake?

      • Vicky

        Can you post images?

        • Leonardo

          my protein has the address EMERYVILLE, CA 94608. It is authentic?

    • Mehedi Hasan

      Thanks for this information.

    • Martha

      If the label is a bit rippled does this mean it’s fake?

  2. Afif

    If it doesnet have a logo on the upper cap is it alright

    • Vicky

      yes, that’s fine
      some jars do not have the logo on the cap

  3. Ali karimi

    Hi, in another article, you have written about copper gold strip near the transparent window,but in this one I can’t see that in the picture.now, I am confused. please explain

  4. Vicky

    The copper-gold strip is in the latest packaging. We will update this article soon.

  5. Alex

    And the 12lb bag how i can know of its original or fake??


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