Nitrotech USA: 12 Easy Tricks To Identify A Fake (Updated 2022)

Written by Vicky

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August 20, 2022

Nitrotech (USA) whey protein is one of the most popular supplements on the Indian market.

Here are 12 easy tricks you can use to protect yourself from purchasing a fake nitrotech whey supplement.

As an added bonus, we’ll show you an example of a fake nitrotech whey protein jar, so you know what features to look out for. Let’s get started!

If your jar has older packaging, then please check out this article.

Step 1: Check The Seal Of Authenticity

seal of authenticity on the cap of nitrotech whey jar

All new Nitrotech whey protein jars include a seal of authenticity that can be used for instant verification.

nitrotech seal of authenticity zoomed view

Follow these steps to verify your jar:

  • Download the MuscleTech® Verify app.
  • Scan the unique QR code.
  • Verify your product.

You can download the verification app from the App Store or Play Store.

For more information, you can visit Muscletech’s official website.

The important thing to note is that this technique is not foolproof, and no matter how many times you scan the QR code, it will show the same results.

If your Nitrotech whey protein jar doesn’t have a seal of authenticity, it’s most likely fake.

Avoid buying jars that do not have a proper seal of authenticity.

Step 2: Check The Importer Tag And The Importer Hologram

GMC (Shri Balaji Overseas) official importer tag on an original nitrotech jar

According to Muscletech’s official website, Shri Balaji Overseas (GMC) is the authorized importer for all Muscletech products in India.

All official Muscletech products in India include Shri Balaji Overseas (GMC) importer tag. This tag features the official Muscletech logo at the center.

They have also added a scratch code to their importer tag for easy verification.

The code can be verified by following these steps:

  • Locate the golden portion of the importer tag.
  • Scratch it using a coin.
  • Send the code via SMS to +91-8510012244 for instant verification.

Unlike the seal of authenticity, this method is foolproof. Once the code is verified, it cannot be re-verified.

Please note that sometimes due to server traffic, the results may not arrive immediately by SMS. Therefore, please do not attempt to send the same SMS from another device as it might lead to failed verification.

GMS (Shri Balaji Overseas) official importer hologram on an original nitrotech jar

Shri Balaji Overseas (GMC) have also included a hologram that includes their official logo and will shine when exposed to light.

If your Nitrotech whey protein jar doesn’t have an importer tag or a hologram, it’s most likely a grey market product or a fake.

Step 3: Check Label Texture, Logo, Spellings, Trademark, And Double Dagger Symbols

shiny label texture on a nitrotech jar

All new Nitrotech whey protein jars have a very high-quality label texture. The label will shine when exposed to light.

The texture is not uniform across the jar, and as indicated by the yellow arrows in the above image, some regions that include big, bold text in white will have a different texture.

triangle pattern on label of an original nitrotech jar

There will also be a triangle pattern on the left-hand side of the fill line indicator.

You can feel the texture using your index finger.

tilted M on official Muscletech Logo on a nitrotech jar

The letter M in the logo will have a tilt towards the right.

The label will use high-quality fonts and will not have any spelling mistakes.

Trademark symbol on a genuine nitrotech jar

Muscletech and Nitrotech are official trademarks. Wherever they are mentioned on the jar label, they will have a TM symbol attached to them.

double dagger symbol on a genuine nitrotech jar

Also, the double dagger symbol ‡ will be present near protein, creatine, and BCAA values. The purpose of the double dagger symbol is to indicate that the values mentioned are on a per-serving basis.

Suppose your Nitrotech whey protein jar has a rough-looking, low-quality label with missing trademark symbols. In that case, it’s most likely fake.

Step 4: Check For Web Pattern

web like pattern on nitrotech jar label

All new Nitrotech whey protein jars have a web-like pattern on the left half of the Muscletech Logo.

If your Nitrotech whey protein jar doesn’t have this pattern, it’s most likely a fake.

Step 5: Check Flavor And Weight

original flavor and weight of a nitrotech jar

You can check the available flavors on Muscletech’s official website.

Please note that this list can change with time and may not mention some flavors like Milk Chocolate.

As shown in the above image, the US variant of Nitrotech whey protein is available in 4lbs (1.81KG). If you’re unsure of your jar weight, you can email Muscletech for confirmation.

If your Nitrotech whey protein jar has an unknown flavor or a different weight, it’s most likely fake.

Step 6: Check For Disclaimer Triangle

disclaimer triangle on a real nitrotech jar

A disclaimer triangle will be present beside every claim made on a Nitrotech whey protein jar.

If your Nitrotech whey protein jar doesn’t have a disclaimer triangle, it’s most likely fake.

Step 7: Check Fill Line Indicator

fill indicator on the label of a real nitrotech jar

All new Nitrotech whey protein jars have a fill line indicator. It indicates the level of powder at the time of production.

Please note that it’s an approximate indicator, and some differences can arise due to the powder settling down.

If your Nitrotech whey protein jar doesn’t have a fill line indicator, it’s most likely fake.

Step 8: Check The Supplement Facts

GMO warning on a nitrotech jar

Always make sure to cross-check the supplement facts. For example, you can use the above image to compare your jar or email Muscletech to verify.

Please note that the US Made Nitrotech whey protein jar will have different values than the Indian Made Nitrotech whey protein jar. You can learn about their differences here.

The label will also mention the use of Bio-Engineered ingredients.

If your Nitrotech whey protein jar has different values of ingredients, it’s most likely fake.

Step 9: Check Social Media Handle

Muscletech official social media handles printed on the label of a nitrotech jar

Muscletech’s official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handles will be printed on the jar.

If your Nitrotech whey protein jar doesn’t mention the social media handles, it’s most likely fake.

Step 10: Check Brand Address And Bar Code

Muscletech brand address printed on the label of an original nitrotech jar

Nitrotech is manufactured in the US and is distributed by Iovate Health Sciences. It will have a US Address printed on the jar label.

bar code of a genuine nitrotech jar

All Nitrotech whey protein jars have a bar code that shop employees use to scan and enter product details in their system.

You can also scan the bar code by downloading an app from the Play Store or the App Store on your phone.

Upon scanning, you should get Nitrotech whey protein 4lbs in the results.

A docket number will also be printed near the bar code, which can be verified by emailing Muscletech.

If your Nitrotech whey protein jar has an unknown address or is missing a bar code, it’s most likely fake.

Step 11: Check The Base

base of an original nitrotech jar with manufacturer, lot number, expiry and recycle details

All Nitrotech whey protein jars will have a mold mark at the base. It’s caused due to the plastic thermoforming process.

lot number and expiry details printed at  the base of a genuine nitrotech jar

The base will also have the jar manufacturer logo (CBM or SCi) along with lot number, mfg, and expiry dates that will be 3yrs apart. The lot number and dates will be printed using blue inkjet.

Please note that these dates can get rubbed off due to friction between jars stacked on each other. Avoid buying jars that do not have valid dates mentioned on them.

A recycle triangle with the digit 2 inside will be embossed at the base of the jar. It indicates the use of HDPE (High-density polyethylene) plastic.

If the above features are missing on your Nitrotech whey protein jar, it’s most likely fake.

Step 12: Check Jar Cap And Inner Seal

inner cardboard seal of a nitrotech whey protein jar

New Nitrotech whey protein jars do not contain a neckband seal. So it’s possible to open the cap and check the inner seal.

The inner seal will consist of white cardboard.

internals of nitrotech whey jar cap

The inner section of the cap will contain a CBM (Custom Blow Molding) logo and a recycle triangle with the digit 5 indicating the use of polypropylene.

Kindly note that the manufacturer logo on the interior of the cap may differ from the one present at the base of the jar. CBM and SCi are both official jar manufacturers for Muscletech. So no need to worry.

Fake Nitrotech Whey Jar Example

Here’s a fake Nitrotech Whey Protein jar that was shared with us by one of our visitors.

fake nitrotech whey protein jar having incorrect weight and missing disclaimer triangles

As you can see in the above image, the weight of the jar 5lbs (2.27KG) is incorrect as Nitrotech is officially available in the 4lbs variant.

The disclaimer triangles are missing besides the claims.

fake nitrotech whey protein jar having spelling mistakes in supplement facts

The ingredients label has misspelled cocoa powder and L-Valine. Acesulfame has been erroneously mentioned twice.

fake nitrotech whey protein jar having incorrect format of lot number and expiry

The mfg, expiry, and lot number details have been printed with yellow inkjet instead of blue. Also, the shelf life is 2yrs instead of the usual 3yrs. Backward slashes () have been used to print the dates instead of forward ones (/).

fake nitrotech whey protein jar containing a duplicate importer tag

No GMC hologram is present on the jar. The importer tag is of larger size and has the GMC logo in the center portion instead of the Muscletech logo.

The manufacturing date, along with the date of import, is missing on the importer tag. The golden portion also seems to be unscratchable.

All the points mentioned above are red flags that indicate this product is definitely a fake.

Always buy from reputed and trustworthy sources. When it comes to your health and fitness, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Where Can I Buy Genuine Nitrotech Whey?

You can purchase it from any authorized shop or online retailer.

In case you’re not sure about the authenticity, then ask for the following details:

  • Product Images: Using the steps mentioned above, you can get a good idea of whether your vendor is selling a genuine or fake product.
  • GST Bill: Always insist on a GST Bill. It will act as proof of purchase in case of any dispute.
  • FSSAI Number: It’s essential to ensure that your vendor has a proper FSSAI License. You can check its validity here.

You can also place an order with us if you want a headache-free and smooth buying experience. Currently, we are offering Nitrotech Whey Protein (USA) at a discounted price of ₹5497.

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Please note that the above info is for informational purposes only.

The company changes its packaging from time to time. Importers can change as well.

In case of any discrepancies, please contact Muscletech.

If you’re feeling confused, you can always Contact Us with your ISO Sensation 93 jar images, and we will check them for FREE.

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